About Rebel 42 Digital Marketing

Our Minnesota-based digital marketing agency specializes in helping clients reach their target market, create impact, and make some green in the great white north.

Our Digital Marketing is Centered Around What’s Best For Our Clients

We’re a Minnesota-grown agency that specializes in combining digital marketing strategies (such as SEO, PPC advertisingweb designemail marketing, and more) to create an online marketing roadmap to drive leads and generates sales.

That said, we discovered early on that if we’re going to work with someone, it has to be the right fit – for both of us.

That’s why each client we work with starts with a meeting to find out what’s going on in the business, what’s working (and what’s not) with their current marketing and website, as well as where the client wants their business to be.

After all, “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”

We never take on a client without finding out how or even if we can help them.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team members about your digital marketing, you can email us, call us, or send us a text!

Who We Are

Our agency is a scrappy little band of rebels who have been bootstrapping from day one.

Heather and Jeff Coughenour started Rebel 42 in 2014 as a small B2B service-based company providing graphic design and copywriting services to consultants, realtors, landscapers, photographers… you name it.

Over the past few years, our team has gotten pretty damned good at digital marketing.

Along the way, we’ve picked up an amazing squad of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) experts who have made some pretty big waves of their own.

We understand businesses that expect results with their marketing and are looking for a data-driven strategy that pulls all the pieces together.

As bootstrappers, we’ve mastered digital marketing, web design, SEO, and copywriting to generate growth for our own business and we know how to get results for you too.

Rebel 42 Digital Marketing & Design Agency Founders Jeff & Heather Coughenour

Jeff & Heather Coughenour

Founders & Nerdy Dynamic Duo

Jeff and Heather Coughenour created Rebel 42 as a graphic design and copywriting company in 2014. Over the years, they started providing digital marketing services to their clients and made the decision to restructure their business in 2018 as a full-service digital marketing agency.


“Rebel 42 brought my business to the next level! Not only did they do a phenomenal job redesigning my website and packaging so that what I presented on the outside matched the quality on the inside, they continue to be a huge support in handling my digital marketing to help me grow! From branding and strategy all they way to planning and execution, they exceed my expectations at every turn. I don’t know how I would do it without them!”

Marissa Agustin, CEO of Loving Cup Teas

“Rebel 42 has been instrumental in doubling our online exposure.”

-Dawnfelice, Founder & Editor in Chief at MN Ups Magazine

“Heather and Jeff took my ideas about my rebrand and made them a reality. I can’t say enough about the “all-in” approach that Rebel 42 took. They made me feel like a rockstar! (And my rebrand is awesome!!)”

-Alissa Daire Nelson, Found of Daire Success Coaching

“The duo team behind this company is amazing. So talented at what they do. They offer suggestions and definitely listen to your opinions and wants for your business! I highly recommend them to everyone…a real class act!! You will not be disappointed.”

-Kryston H, Owner of JoJo’s Pitter-Patter Daycare

“Working with Rebel 42 to develop and design the full branding for a personal project was easy, simple and fast. They took the time to listen to me and my vision, and then worked with my concept to deliver something that was creative, accurate and visually beautiful. It was very reassuring to have an open and easily accessible line of communication. It was a great experience and I am very happy with the results.”

-Laine Torres, Owner of Laine Torres Photography

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