Search Engine Marketing Services

Stop bleeding money because of costly setup and targeting mistakes.

Our team of paid ads experts will set your campaign up to win and make sure your ads hit their targets through split testing, conversion tracking, and campaign optimizations.

SEM Strategies From Data-Driven Digital Marketers

Our Certified Google Ads experts focus on driving conversions, controlling ad spend, refining your keywords, and honing your campaign’s bid strategy.

Wasted ad spend is at a minimum, ad reach and bidding are maximized, and your lead volume is driven sky-high.

Our Conversion Copywriters will even handle the copy for your ads and landing pages.

Need us to create a landing page for you? Not a problem.

Our designers create landing pages with a track record of higher conversion rates.

We can even set up call-tracking for your ads.

Why do we do all of this?

As cheesy as it sounds… when you’re happy, we’re happy. And we love making people happy.

What’s Included In Our Search Engine Marketing Services?

Below, you’ll see a snapshot of the SEM strategies we bring to every ad campaign.

We don’t “churn and burn” clients or only work on their campaigns once every 2 weeks. We want you to love the results we’re delivering. After all, if you love what we bring to the table, you’ll keep coming back for more. So when you win… we win.


Campaign Setup

We’ll create targeted Google search engine marketing campaigns with the specific purpose of driving a high ROI.

Ad Groups revisions

We’ll create multiple, highly-targeted ad groups by analyzing the different products/services you have to offer.

Bid Strategy Modifications

Monitor and adjust bid strategies based on performance across ad groups and keywords.

Ad-Level Performance Tuning

Create multiple effective ads for every ad group and tune the ads for performance.

Market research & Ad Creation

Analyzing your industry, understanding the end user needs/wants and creating effective ad copy from user pain points and motivators.

Data-Driven Ad Group Keywords

Adding ad group level keywords based off of raw search query conversion data, followed by keyword and ad performance monitoring.

Call Tracking & Recording

Call tracking and call recording. Track calls down to the keyword level so you can see exactly what keywords are driving your campaign’s inbound phone calls.

Campaign Management

We’ll monitor your Google AdWords PPC performance so we can make better data-based optimizations and fine tune the search campaigns to run more efficiently.

Cost Per Lead improvement

We’ll decrease the CPL (Cost per Lead) while increasing the campaign’s lead volume through our constant monitoring and adjustments.

Ad Split TEsting

Implementing A/B multivariate testing and other conversion optimization tactics for our client’s landing pages.

Keyword Monitoring & Development

Reduce our client’s wasted ad spend by removing irrelevant keywords from the search query keywords – a continuous process of adding/removing positive and negative keywords and narrowing keyword match terms.

Ad Extension Setup & Tracking

Ad extension optimizations. Cut what’s not converting, increase what is converting.

Click-ThRough rate Optimization

Improving CTR (Click-Through Rate) continuously through necessary changes to ad creative, keyword targeting, and more.

Device bidding Adjustments

Device bidding optimizations. Increase or decrease device bids based on what’s converting and what’s not converting.


"I had the pleasure of partnering with Heather and Rebel 42 on some Facebook Ads for our local restaurant. Heather was extremely helpful and patient with me as we got things started. She went above and beyond to ensure our brand and message were well received to our targeted guests. She even worked with me on some questions I had outside of our ad project. I appreciated the detailed reports and explanations of how our campaign was going. We received great response and traffic from the ad project. I've even reached out for another project for Rebel 42 to assist with!" Nikki Wallace

Marketing & Communications Director, Rock Elm Tavern/Holman's Table

"So Heather Coughenour is my go to expert for all things digital, copy, SEO... basically the internet. I have always avoided the behind the scenes of my website but I read about Google's ranking system and instantly went to Heather and got educated quickly on what I needed to do get to get my website out of the dark ages. Her insight has helped me go from a page speed of 9 to 80 with Google. I have also boosted my ranking to non-existent to first page searchable with legitimizing with up-to-date privacy, term and condition policies. I can go on and on but I am so glad she is the one person I can turn to when I need help."

Phylecia Jones

International Speaker, TEDx Speaker, and Founder, iFind You Close

"Rebel 42 brought my business to the next level! Not only did they do a phenomenal job redesigning my website and packaging so that what I presented on the outside matched the quality on the inside, they continue to be a huge support in handling my digital marketing to help me grow! From branding and strategy all they way to planning and execution, they exceed my expectations at every turn. I don't know how I would do it without them!"

Marissa Agustin

Founder, Loving Cup Teas

"Working with Rebel 42 to develop and design the full branding for a personal project was easy, simple and fast. They took the time to listen to me and my vision, and then worked with my concept to deliver something that was creative, accurate and visually beautiful. It was very reassuring to have an open and easily accessible line of communication. It was a great experience and I am very happy with the results." Laine Torres

Owner, Laine Torres Photography

"Heather and Jeff took my ideas about my rebrand and made them a reality. I can't say enough about the "all-in" approach that Rebel 42 took. They made me feel like a rockstar! (And my rebrand is awesome!!)" Alissa Daire Nelson

Founder, Daire Success Coaching