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SEM Strategies From Data-Driven Digital Marketers

Our Search Engine Marketing team is Google Ads Certified and great at driving up conversions, while keeping an eye on ad spend and keyword activity.

Under their watchful eye, wasted ad spend is minimized, reach and bidding are optimized and your lead volume is driven up.

We work hard to maximize your conversion rates and exceed your campaign goals.

We’ll even write the copy for your ads and sales pages.

Speaking of sales pages, we’ll take care of that for you too. Our design team will create a landing page that’s optimized for higher conversion rates.

Want to run a campaign to drive calls?

No problem.

We’ll set up a system that not only tracks what calls are coming from your ads, it also keeps track of the keywords your leads are using so we can get even better at targeting your ads.

As cheesy as it sounds… when you’re happy, we’re happy.

And we love making people happy.

What’s Included In Our SEM Services?

Below, you’ll see a snapshot of the SEM management issues we’ll be addressing as we work on your campaign.

We don’t “churn and burn” clients or only work their campaigns once every 2 weeks.

We want you to love the results you’re getting.

After all, happy clients are repeat clients, so when you win… we win.


We’ll create targeted Google search engine marketing campaigns with the specific purpose of driving a high ROI.

We’ll create multiple, highly-targeted ad groups by analyzing the different products/services you have to offer.


Monitor and adjust bid strategies based on performance across ad groups and keywords.

Create multiple effective ads for every ad group and tuning the ads for performance.

Analyzing your industry, understanding the end user needs/wants and creating effective ad copy from user pain points and motivators.


Adding ad group level keywords based off of raw search query conversion data.


Call tracking and call recording. Track calls down to the keyword level so you can see exactly what keywords are driving your campaign’s inbound phone calls.

We’ll monitor your Google AdWords PPC performance by analyzing Google Analytics conversion data so we can make better data-based optimizations and further tune the search campaigns to run more efficiently.


Decrease the CPL (Cost per Lead) while increasing the campaign’s lead volume.


Implementing A/B multivariate testing and other conversion optimization tactics for our client’s landing pages.


Reduce our client’s wasted ad spend by removing irrelevant keywords from the search query keywords – a continuous process of adding/removing positive and negative keywords and narrowing keyword match terms.

Ad extension optimizations. Cut what’s not converting, increase what is converting.

Improving CTR (Click-Through Rate) continuously.

Device bidding optimizations. Increase or decrease device bids based on what’s converting and what is not.

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